Savronik has founded in 1986 to serve for Turkish Defence Industry; continued to produce and develop its innovative solutions with the permissions and certificates notably ISO 9001:2000 and AQAP-2110 which are necessary for specific production fields.
Savronik has transferred its experience and knowledge arising from defence industry to transportation and information systems; extended its product and solution portfolio embracing railways, highway, finance, renewable energy and some other sectors. Savronik’s solutions both can be unit products or integration of various software and/or hardware systems. Savronik also supports solution oriented services.

About Savronik

With its product portfolio, Savronik provides solutions for the needs of local or international companies based in different sectors and gets into market working as main or subcontractor of those companies.
Savronik can be succesfully integrated into different ecosystems due to its corporate culture and organizational structure. Savronik’s operating logic has the capability of developing, designing, producing complex systems and building the supply chain of these systems.