To produce advanced technological products and to provide qualified engineering services in defense, transportation, communication areas; to serve the independence of the country's industry by providing national solutions for national needs different from their competitors; by ensuring the continuity of the transformation of the accumulated knowledge into different solutions in military and civil areas throughout the country.


As a national R&D house to become a recognized brand all over the world by providing high-security, advanced technology R&D and engineering solutions to electronic device and system requirements as a leading Turkish company in the development of domestic and national technologies.


As an institution that meets the requirements of the Quality Management System which satisfies the demands of its employees and customers on time and completely and is defined for this purpose, SAVRONIK has adopted the following principles;

• To offer original cost-performance effective solutions with superior technological features using the experience and knowledge it has,

• To design and manufacture systems that comply with high reliability criteria in the defense, transportation, communication sectors,

• To create an environment open to participation and change along with all of its employees,

• To ensure and increase customer satisfaction and its consistency,

• To take all necessary precautions in order to avoid any mistakes in products to be delivered to customers,

• To meet information security requirements in company operations by taking into account legal and customer requirements,

• To take measures to minimize environmental damages and thus contribute to preventing environmental pollution by taking into account the environmental impacts of the products and processes,

• To ensure the health and safety of all components interacting with its activities,

• Constantly to improve and develop by considering the legal and other conditions in all its activities and processes.


In accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, relevant industrial safety processes / standards and contractual requirements, the Safety Policy is valid for projects that are defined and require safety. The aim of this policy is; development, production, delivery and maintenance of SAVRONIK products which may be used safely in accordance with the purpose of use, user's manual and guidelines. For this purpose, SAVRONIK undertakes the following principles;

• Implementation and maintenance of the necessary safety management processes and tools,

• Continuous process improvement through regular reviews of processes and product,

• Encouragement of stakeholder awareness and responsibility with regular training,

• Providing access to safety information / records for customers and end users.