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Savronik Joins ARİNKOM

11.12.2015 Savronik Joins ARİNKOM's Entrepreneuship Panel "How Entrepreneur and Financial Resource meet?" panel was arranged by ARİNKOM on 11 December 2015 at Anadolu University Congress Center, Saloon Anadolu.

Mehmet Hakan Dağ, ARİNKOM General Coordinator made the opening speech of the panel and said that a good idea is not enough, but it also needs to union with financial resource. He noticed that there are some state mechanisms like TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB to support the ideas and some private mechanisms like investment founds. The purpose of the panel is setting the ideas up with the financial resources, said Mr. Dağ.

"No success is coincidence"
 Chairman of the board of Savronik, Mr. Kenan Işık noticed that the economy of Turkey needs to develop. “Turkey needs to transform from productive to innovative economy model. Our target is making you earn from your ideas. So, if you will make a business plan, there must be settlement and strategy also. No seccess is coincidence in life. You should work too much to be successful.” Mr. Işık said.