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Savronik Joins EURIPIDES

09.12.2015 Savronik Joins EURIPIDES Savronik joined EURIPIDES subcluster of EUREKA, which is one of the fullbright business platforms of Europe. EURUPIDES (EUREKA Initiative for Packaging & Integration of µDevices & Smart Systems) is a cluster set up by 27 companies from 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey) which is aiming to develop interconnection, packaging and integration Technologies for smart electronics systems.
Chairman of EURIPIDES, Mr. Jean Luc Maté remarked that smart transportation and public transportation fields are keystones of EUREKA’s Smart City initiative support clusters. Maté noticed that he is pleased to see Savronik, the leader of promising railway transportation safety Project ADORAS as a member of the cluster. Maté also notices that Savronik will provide the formation of EURIPIDES² with its innovative ideas and EURIPIDES will always accompany the new member, Savronik.