Smart StopSTOP

Savronik attaches great importance to the public transport stops as a move towards to the “Smart Cities” concept. To this end, by integrating its SmartWall solution to the stops, Savronik makes the stops smart and have them present many  features such as;

  • Alarm and Event Management

  • Alternative Communication Infrastructure

  • Emergency Management

  • Geographic Information System

  • Wayfinding

  • Digital Advertising Management

  • Public Notification system

  • Disabled-People-Friendly Applications
  • Public Safety Practices
  • Citizen-Friendly Interactive System
  • The Public Notification System
  • Mobile Applications Integration
  • Noise Level Measurement
  • Traffic Density Measurement

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IoT Sensors

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Telemetry Systems

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Smart Wall

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Operations/Emergency Headquarters

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Vehicle Information Systems

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Critical Communication Infrastructure

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