Train SimulatorTRAIN

Savronik’s Train training Simulator is a scenario-based train driver training simulator simulating different types of locomotives, freight cars and passenger cars.  With its unique software infrastructure, it provides dynamic models on an expandable architecture. There are special infrastructures for the train dynamics in the Savronik-developed Simulation system such as;

  • 3D Image and Sound Effect-Featured Scenario
  • Capability of running on the user-generated scenarios, events and triggers
  • Railway Design Editor
  • Touchscreens with Engine-Specific Controls
  • Simulation of 30 different wagon types
  • Real-time and Post-Real-Time View Capability
  • Evaluation and Reporting Capability
  • Diesel, Electric  Locomotives and High-speed Train
  • ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) Level-1 and Level-2
  • Radio and GSM-R (The Global System for Mobile Communication-Railway) Communication