Land and Marine Platforms Power Distribution SystemsPLATFORMS

Land and Marine Platforms Power Distribution Units distributes the electrical power need to the units connected to it in a protective and controlled way.

Savronik-designed Land and Marine Platforms Power Distribution Units’ prominent specifications;

With its multiple inlets and outlets, it is configured according to the needs on the land and marine platforms.

The AC Power Units with a three-phase power supply of 380 Volts have switching capability just like the ones with a single-phase power supply of 240 volts.

The specific Power Units for the marine platforms produce an output of 115 vac/60Hz.

The DC Power Units have the power distribution of 56 VDC as well as 28 VDC.

Electromagnetic switching (relay/contactor) or semiconductor switching technology (Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC))is used in line with the user needs.

The PDUs are designed with the microprocessor-controlled capability and through the PDU-specific designed visual interface designs; the user can monitor and remotely control the information about the PDU.

In accordance with the customer requirements, different communication protocols (RS422, CAN BUS, Ethernet etc.) are used to monitor and remotely control the PDU.

The PDUs have the audit logging capability with retrospective date-time logs.

The PDUs have reverse voltage, high voltage, low voltage and short circuit protection.

The PDUs have Built-in Test (BIT) capabilities.

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