Automatic Train Stop SystemATS

System Description

ATS-101 Automatic Train Stopping System has been developed as an automatic train stopping and speed control system in order to ensure safe train traffic.

This system provides a speed and break control to the engines according to the positions of other moving trains  and situations of the signalling systems on their routes.  

General Features

  • Built-in Test (BIT) Capability

  • High safety, high security

  • Expendable System architecture with its multi- purpose interface terminals

  • Repairable Circuit Design

  • Mission Record

  • User Information Display

Locomotives compatible with ATS-101

DE22000, DE24000, DE33000, DE11000, E43000, E 52500, HT65000, DM15000, EMU23000 ..

Functional Features

  • Capability of operating with both of the TCDD’s (Turkish State Railways) current two different railway-signalling infrastructures

  • The train driver identification and logging system

  • Train operation and mission Data recording System

  • Written reporting of mission Data

  • Acoustic messaging  and warning system

  • Alphanumeric LED Display

  • Real-time and date index-linked reporting

  • Realizing ATS function and additional train speed control (curved bridge and viaduct speed control) using different magnets instead of usual signalling magnets

  • Capability of train tracking function and data transmission through additional hardware and software support.

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